Research in the News

     NZZ The AXA Research Fund Supports Researchers Who Explore New Risks in Nature and Modern Society Worldwide


     ACS Weekly PressPac Another concern arises over groundwater contamination from fracking accidents


     Cornell Media Relations Office Fracking Flowback Could Pollute Groundwater With Heavy Metals


     Diario da Universidade de Vigo Destacados Expertos Analizaron no Campus os Últimos Avances en Recuperación de Solos


     La Voz de Galicia Campus: Videoconferencia Sobre Arquitectura del Suelo


     USDA: National Institute of Food and Agriculture Newsroom Science of Small - Following the Flow


     92 WICB-Ithaca College Radio Helping Ithaca Neighbors Understand TCE Contamination


     Cornell Engineering Magazine In their Back Yards: Students Help a Neighborhood Understand TCE Pollution



Outreach Activities

     Janis Patiño advises motivated Santa Clara high school students Bhuvi and Eschwar on the development of a

     low-cost, point of use water filter system designed for removing nitrate and arsenic levels found in groundwater in rural India.

     As part of the Society of Water and Environmental Graduate Graduate Students, our group hosted a day-long visit from Ghidotti

     Early College High School students to learn about 1) groundwater systems, 2) flow dynamics, and 3) water treatment. (2021)

     Zoe Kanavas volunteers to expose high school students to technical careers in environmental engineering on the National STEM

     Day organized by MESA (2019) 

     Alejandro Perez guest speaks at Contra Costa Community College Center for Science Excellence symposium on "Gaining

     professional experience through research as a transfer student" (2019) 


     Our group offered lab tours and research insights for the 13th Northern California Community College STEM Transfer Day (2018)

     Women in Water Research Trans Tahoe Swim Relay: (2017), (2018), (2019)


     The Dialogue and Discernment Series (2017). Roundtable discussion on “Science In the Post-Truth Era"


     STEM Ambassador (2014). Assistant to after-school Science Club sessions for schoolchildren


     Cornell Prison Education Program (2010). Instructor of university level chemistry for inmates at Auburn Correctional Facility


     Expand Your Horizons (2009, 2010). Volunteer of outreach program to stimulate interest in science and math in pre-teen girls 


     University-Community Partnership (2005-2007). Project leader to monitor contaminated air intrusion into neighborhood homes