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Refereed Journals


34.      I. Markale, M. Carrel, D.L. Kurz, V.L. Morales, M. Holzner, J. Jiménez-Martínez*. Internal Biofilm Heterogeneities Enhance

           Solute Mixing and Chemical Reactions in Porous Media. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023, 57, 21, 8065–8074.

33.      J.E. Patiño, W.P. Johnson, V.L. Morales*. 2023. Reconciling Mechanisms of Retention with Fate of Silver Colloids in

           Saturated Granular Media in the Presence of Chemical Heterogeneity. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 641, 666-674.

32.      J.E. Patiño, F.J. Pérez-Reche, V.L. Morales*. 2022. Retention Site Contribution Toward Silver Particle Immobilization in         

           Porous Media. Water Resour. Res. e2021WR031807. (*Featured in 'La Voz de Galicia', **Featured in 'Diario da Universidad

           de Vigo')

31.      Z. Kanavas, F.J. Pérez-Reche, F. Arns, V.L. Morales*. 2021. Flow Path Resistance in Heterogeneous Porous Media Recast                Into a Graph-Theory Problem. Transp. Porous Media. 1-16.

30.     J.E. Patiño, T.L. Kuhl, V.L. Morales*. 2020. Direct Measurements of the Forces Between Silver and Mica in Humic          

          Substance-Rich Solutions. Environ. Sci. Technol. 54, 23, 15076–15085.

​29.     A.J. Perez, J.E. Patiño, M. Soos, V.L. Morales*. 2020. Morphology of Shear-Induced Colloidal Aggregates in Porous Media:

          Consequences for Transport, Deposition and Reentrainment. Environ. Sci. Technol. 54, 9, 5813-5821. (*Featured on ES&T

          front cover)

28.     D. Bolster*, K. Roche, V.L. Morales. 2019. Recent Advances in Anomalous Transport Models for Predicting Contaminants in

          Natural Groundwater Systems. Curr. Opin. Chem. Eng., 26, 72-80.

27.     M. Carrel, V.L. Morales*, M. Dentz, N. Derlon, E. Morgenroth, M. Holzner*. 2018. Pore-Scale Hydrodynamics in a  

          Progressively Bioclogged Three-Dimensional Porous Medium: 3-D Particle Tracking Experiments and Stochastic

          Transport Modeling. Water Resour. Res., 54, WR021726.

26.     M. Carrel, V.L. Morales, M.A. Beltran, N. Derlon, R. Kaufmann, E. Morgenroth, M. Holzner*. 2018. Biofilms in 3D Porous

          Media: Influence of the Pore Network Geometry, Glow and Mass Transfer on Biofilm Development. Water Res., 134, 280-


25.     V.L. Morales*, M. Dentz, M. Willmann, M. Holzner. 2017. Stochastic Dynamics of Intermittent Pore-Scale Particle Motion in

          Three-Dimensional Porous Media: Experiments and Theory. Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 9361-9371.

24.     M. Carrel, M.A. Beltran, V.L. Morales, N. Derlon, E. Morgenroth, R. Kaufmann, M. Holzner*. 2017. Biofilm Imaging in Porous

          Media by X-ray Tomography: Combining a Non-Destructive Contrast Agent with Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast    

          Imaging Tools. PLoS ONE, 12(7), e0180374.

23.     C.R. Stoof, A.I. Gevaert, C. Baver, B. Hassanpour, V.L. Morales, W. Zhang, D. Martin, S.K. Giri, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2016. Can

          Pore-Clogging by Ash Explain Post-Fire Runoff? Int. J. Wildland Fire, 25, 294-305.

22.     M. Holzner*, V.L. Morales, M. Willmann, M. Dentz. 2015. Intermittent Lagrangian Velocity and Acceleration in a Three-
          Dimensional Porous Medium Flow. Phys. Rev. E, 92, 013015. (*Featured in PRE Spotlight)

21.     V.L. Morales*, F.J. Pérez-Reche, S. Hapca, C.J. Lehmann, K.L. Hanley, W. Zhang. 2015. Reverse Engineering of Biochar.

          Bioresour. Technol., 183, 163-174.

20.     Z. Ding, X. Hu, V.L. Morales, B. Gao*. 2014. Filtration and Transport of Heavy Metals in Graphene Oxide Enabled Sand

          Columns. Chem. Eng. J., 257, 248-252.


19.     W. Sang, C.R. Stoof, W. Zhang, V.L. Morales, B. Gao, R.W.Kay, L. Liu, Y. Zhang, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2014. Effect of Hydrofracking

          Fluid on Colloid Transport in the Unsaturated Zone. Environ. Sci. Technol., 48(14), 8266-8274. (*ACS Editors' Choice,    

           **Featured in ACS News PresPac, ***Featured in Cornell Media Relations Office)

18.     W. Sang, V.L. Morales, W. Zhang, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2013. Quantification of Colloid Retention and Release by Straining and

          Energy Minima in Variably Saturated Porous Media. Environ. Sci. Technol., 47(15), 8256-8264.


17.     L. Liu, B. Gao*, L. Wu, V.L. Morales, Z. Zhou, H. Wang. 2013. Deposition and Transport of Graphene Oxide in Unsaturated

          Porous Media. Chem. Eng. J., 229, 444-449.


16.     Y. Tian, B. Gao*, V.L. Morales, H. Chen, Y. Wang, H. Li. 2013. Removal of Sulfamethoxazole and Sulfapyridine Antibiotics by

          Carbon Nanotubes in Fixed-Bed Columns. Chemosphere, 90(10), 2597-2605.


15.     S.A. Bradford*, V.L. Morales, W. Zhang, R.W. Harvey, A.I. Packman, A. Mohanram, C. Welty. 2013. Transport and Fate of

          Microbial Pathogens in Agricultural Settings. Crit. Rev. Environ. Sci. Technol., 43(8), 775-893.


14.     V.L. Morales, J.-Y. Parlange, M. Wu, F.J. Pérez-Reche, W. Zhang, W. Sang, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2013. Surfactant-Mediated  

          Control of Colloid Pattern Assembly and Attachment Strength in Evaporating Droplets. Langmuir, 29(6), 1831-1840.


13.     Y. Tian, B. Gao*, V.L. Morales, L. Wu, Y. Wang, R. Muñoz-Carpena, C. Cao, Q. Huang, L. Yang. 2012. Methods of Using Carbon

          Nanotubes as Filter Media to Remove Aqueous Heavy Metals. Chem. Eng. J., 210, 557-563.


12.     Y. Tian, B. Gao*, V.L. Morales, Y. Wang, L. Wu. 2012. Effect of Surface Modifications on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube

          Retention and Transport in Granular Porous Media. J. Hazard. Mater., 239(240), 333-339.


11.     Y. Wang, B. Gao*, V.L. Morales, Y. Tian, L. Wu, J. Gao, W. Bai, L. Yang. 2012. Transport of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in

          Saturated Porous Media Under Various Solution Chemistry Conditions. J. Nanopart. Res., 14, 1095.


10.     Y. Tian, B. Gao*, Y. Wang, V.L. Morales, R. Muñoz-Carpena, Q. Huang, L. Yang. 2012. Deposition of Functionalized Carbon

          Nanotubes in Natural Sand Columns. J. Hazard. Mater., 213-214, 265-272.


9.       Y. Zevi, B. Gao, W. Zhang, V.L. Morales, M.E. Çakmak, E.A. Medrano, W. Sang, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2012. Colloid Retention at the

          Meniscus-Wall Contact Line in an Open Microchannel. Water Res., 46(2), 295-306.


8.       V.L. Morales, W. Sang, L.W. Lion, D.R. Fuka, B. Gao, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2011. Correlation Equation for Predicting Attachment

          Coefficient (α) of Organic Matter-Colloid Complexes in Unsaturated Porous Media. Environ. Sci. Technol., 45(23), 10096-



7.       V.L. Morales, W. Zhang, B. Gao, L.W. Lion, J.J. Bisogni, B.A. McDonough, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2010. Impact of Dissolved Organic

          Matter on Colloid Transport in the Vadose Zone: Deterministic Approximation of Transport Deposition Coefficients from

          Polymer Coating Characteristics. Water Res., 45(4), 1691-1701.


6.       W. Zhang, J. Niu, V.L. Morales, X. Chen, A.G. Hay, J. Lehmann, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2010. Transport and Retention of Biochar

          Particles in Porous Media: Effect of pH, Ionic Strength, and Particle Size. Ecohydrol., 3, 497-508.


5.       W. Zhang, V.L. Morales, M.E. Çakmak, A.E. Salvucci, L.D. Geohring, A.G. Hay, J.-Y. Parlange, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2010. Colloid

          Transport and Retention in Unsaturated Porous Media: Effect of Colloid Input Concentration. Environ. Sci. Technol., 44(13),



4.       V.L. Morales, J.-Y. Parlange, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2010. Are Preferential Flow Paths Perpetuated by Microbial Activity in the Soil

          Matrix? J. Hydrol., 393(1-2), 29-36.


3.       A.E. Salvucci, W. Zhang, V.L. Morales, M.E. Çakmak, A.G. Hay, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2009. The Impact of Biofilm-Forming

          Potential and Tafi Production on Transport of Environmental Salmonella Through Unsaturated Porous Media. Biologia

          64(3), 460-464.


2.       V.L. Morales, B. Gao, T.S. Steenhuis*. 2009. Grain Surface-Roughness Effects on Colloidal Retention in the Vadose Zone.                   Vadose Zone J., 8(1), 11-20.


1.       B. Gao, T.S. Steenhuis, Y. Zevi, V.L. Morales, J.L. Nieber, B.K. Richards, J.F. McCarthy, J.Y. Parlange*. 2008. Capillary

          Retention of Colloids in Unsaturated Porous Media. Water Resour. Res., 44, W04504.

Manuscripts Under Review/In Preparation

9.       J.E. PatiñoF. Miele, A.J. PerezZ. KanavasM. Dughi, V.L. Morales*. Soil Analogues Created by 3D Printing for Controlled

          Transport Experiments: Assessing Accuracy and Reproducibility of the Undisturbed Pore Structure. (Under review).

8.       M Berghouse, F Miele, LJ Perez, AD Bordoloi, VL Morales, R Parashar*. Evaluation of Particle Tracking Codes for 

          Dispersing Particles in Porous Media. (Under review).

7.       Z. Kanavas, J. Jimenez-Martinez, J. Weldon, J.R. Nimmo, V.L. Morales*. Flow Heterogeneity Controls Dissolution Reaction

          Behavior in Geologic Porous Media. (In preparation).

6.       G. Hoang, J.D. Herman, V.L. Morales*. Attachment Efficiency of Colloids in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids. (In preparation).

5.       Z. Kanavas, F. MieleL. Ray, V.L. Morales*. Evolution of Flow and Transport under Uniform Erosion. (In preparation). 

4.       F. Miele, V.L. Morales*. Nanoparticle Filtration in Structurally Heterogeneous Soils - Experiments and Model. (In


3.       J. Zhou, K.R. Roche, J. Peña, V.L. Morales*. Intermittent Shifting of Preferential Flow Paths in Bioclogged Porous Media

          Enhances Mixing-Driven Reactions. (In preparation).

2.       J. Weldon, F. MieleM. Dughi, J.P. Pereira Nunes, F. Zabaleta, V.L. Morales*. Anomalous Transport in Structurally

          Heterogeneous Agricultural Soils. (In preparation). 

1.       V.L. Morales*, F. Miele, M. Holzner. Pore-Scale Dynamics of Colloid Re-entrainment in Porous Media. (In preparation). 

Book & Technical Report Contributions

3.       V.L. Morales, M.E. Çakmak, A.E. Salvucci, W. Zhang, T.S. Steenhuis. 2011. Biocolloids: Transport and Retention in Soils.  

          Encyclopedia of Agrophysics. Springer.

2.       National Synthesis Workshop Participants. May 2010. Pathogens in Rural and Agricultural Water and Watersheds: State

          of Knowledge and Future Directions. USDA-NIFA Workshop Report.


1.       T.S. Steenhuis, M.E. Çakmak, L. Cathles, et al.. June, 2006. A Historical and Technical Review and Analysis of TCE

          Contamination in the South Hill Area of Ithaca, NY. 2008 - 2011. (*Featured in 'Cornell Engineering Magazine', **Interview

          in '92 WICB-Ithaca College Radio')      

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